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Howell's Motor Freight wins awards from American Trucking Associations!

The American Trucking Associations and the ATA Safety & Loss Prevention Management Council announced the winners for 2006 National Safety Contest and Howell's Motor Freight, Inc. has received five awards.

"The ATA is the national voice of the trucking industry before Capital Hill, regulators, the courts and the media.  It is the driving force in effecting change, ensuring that the industry's interests are vigorously promoted and improving the business climate for trucking companies.  At the same time promoting safety and sound environmental policies to benefit all Americans.

ATA Website

In April of this year Tim Shephard, Vice President of Safety & Risk Management accepted the following awards on behalf of Howell's.

  • In Industrial Safety (injuries) in the Truckload Division we placed 2nd.

  • In Industrial Safety LTL Division we placed 5th.

  • We placed 4th in both the Truckload and LTL division for Truck Safety (accidents).

  • We won 1st place in the Division Improvement Award.

Congratulations go to every Howell's Motor Freight employee, without you this would not happen. 

Always remember that SAFETY PAYS!!!



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